Lady Warriors Swimming
A Word From the Coach...

This page was last updated on: October 11, 2002

Varsity Letter Requirements
         You must swim 76% of all practices and meets. Coaches may credit additional swim practice time in unique situations. You will receive 1/4 credit if you are present, but not in the water. Practices are:
After school until 5:30pm  Monday through Friday
9:00-12:00 Saturdays and most holidays

         Attendance will be taken twice at each practice. If you leave for the 4:30 bus, you will receive credit for 1/2 practice. If you arrive at 4:30, you will receive cedit for 1/2 practice.

         You will not be penalized if you do not swim the holiday sessions. However, if you do swim, you will receive credit for it.

         You are required to attend the Winter Sports Award Program. You must swim at least 60% of all practices before Winter vacation or you will be cut from the team.

Meet Procedures
         A swim meet consists of warm-up, competition, warm-down, clean-up, and team meeting. You may leave early ONCE during the season,with permission from the coach, before the meet begins. If you leave before the team meeting and have not personally spoken to either coach, you WILL NOT swim in the next meet. If it happens a second time, you will be suspended from the team. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

         A great deal of time goes into setting up a meet, therefore it is imperative that we know the day before if you are going to be there. If for some reason you are unable to attend, let us know as soon as possible. We need at least one day notice to make adjustments. Otherwise, we will assume you will be there. If you are not at a meet, and we have not been notified, you will not be permitted to swim in the next meet.

         If you are absent the day before a meet, we will assume that you will not be attending that meet unless we hear from you otherwise. You are also expected to be at practice the day after a meet. Your participation in the next meet will be in jeopardy if you skip the day after a meet.

         If you miss three of five practices before a scheduled meet, you will not swim in that meet, unless prior arrangements have been made with the coach.

         As you can see, communication is of the utmost importance. You must let us know what is happening, whether it be illness, trouble with school work, problems at home, etc. We need and want to know how you are doing.

Away Meet Procedures For Parents
         When we have away meets, we will let the students know the approximate time of the end of the meet the day before. The day of the meet you will call the pool office machine after the designated time to find out when we will be arriving at the high school and at McDonalds. It is imperative that you arrive before the designated time at McDonalds. WE WILL NOT LEAVE ANY STUDENT AND WE WILL NOT WAIT. If no one is there to pick up the student, we will return to the high school with them.
Varsity Swimming Code of Conduct
TEAM:         a group of people working together in a coordinated effort

TEAMWORK:    joint action by a group of people, in which individual interests are subordinated
                       to group unity and efficiency

The Delaware Valley Varsity Swim Team will pull together in a coordinated effort of cooperation, mutual support and respect, and be enthusiastic in fostering team spirit.

Verbally abusive behavior and language will not be tolerated by any member of the team towards any other member of the team, or towards any member of an opposing team. In other words: if you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all. Kidding around can sometimes get out of hand, and can make the receiving party feel extremely uncomfortable. Good sportsmanship is a must.

Horseplay will not be tolerated at ANY time.

It is expected that all members will pay attention and cheer on teammates at meets. No one is permitted outside the pool area and locker rooms. No portable walkmans or CD players on deck.

Age group swimmers will be arriving for their practice as you will be leaving the pool deck. Go into the locker rooms in a calm and orderly fashion. Do not pick on them, belittle them or tease them in any manner. Your size alone can be extremely intimidating. Most of them are very young and sensitive and frighten easily. If they need your assistance in any way, provide it, and set a good example at all times. They are our future.

It is hoped that these guidelines will help provide a comfortable atmosphere in which all members will enjoy being an integral part.